In cases of acute threat

Call the police (telephone 110) or alert neighbours. Call for help.

When the police arrive

You have the right to speak with the police alone.

  • Make a clear statement on the violence you have experienced.
  • Protect yourself and your children with your statement, and not your husband.
  • Also report to the police any past incidences of violence or your fear of further violence.
  • If possible, name witnesses. 
The police are permitted to refuse a violent man access to your mutual residence for up to 14 days.

You can also ask the police to take you with them and to bring you to a friend or a women’s refuge. Take your children with you.

After abuse

Have your doctor issue a doctor’s certificate (subject to a fee) on your injuries. Do not deny the violence.

Violence against women is always a violation of the law.

You can obtain information on the possibility of a criminal charge, the process followed by the police and the procedures at court in a women’s advice centre. Here you can also receive advice on the possibilities of the Protection against Violence Act, such as for example sole use of your residence or an application for contact prohibition for the violent partner.

You can download the brochure “Guide on Emergency Appeal in Accordance with the Protection against Violence Act” here.

Important emergency call numbers:

110 Police

112 Emergency doctor/fire brigade

112 Emergency fax for people with hearing and speech impediments